For online learning please see:

1. Online Courses – Bayyinah eLearning

2. Tajweed Online Follow-Ups for Students Who Took Tajweed Essentials. You will receive sign up information after taking the Tajweed class.

Bayyinah Institute offers:

  • Online 101 series (For students with no background in Arabic whatsoever)
  • Refresher & Continuing studies (For students looking to refresh what they have learned and/or aggrandize their knowledge of the subject)
  • Online Interactive course: A teacher driven blog designed to supplement the communication between the student and the instructor. This interactive course allows students to ask questions and receive thorough answers. The course explores grammar, morphology (sarf), syntax (nahw), and literary appreciation (Qur’anic rhetoric).

Learning online or on-site go hand in hand. After a local session, students may go online and further their learning. The benefits of learning online are not subordinate as opposed to learning on-site. Due to the traversing nature of Bayyinah, we cannot be at all places at all times; and so to attenuate that setback, the online course offers direct access to instructors for questions and comments. Online, students are not confined by time and may advance at their own pace. Also, with the individualized attention, some students learn the material better if the time restriction on-site had prevented them from doing so.

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